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Hi there

I am a passionate Art Director and Designer who strives to create designs that make a positive impact. I focus on developing innovative and culturally relevant products that provide an immersive experience.


Recently I received a master's degree in Advertising from SCAD and am currently working as the Graphic Designer for the world's first commercial space station company.

I am always excited to collaborate and guide cross-disciplinary teams.

I aim to ensure that Brand Identity systems are consistent across different platforms.

Coming from El Salvador, I am fully bilingual and know excellent coffee and incredible landscapes, including volcanos. Additionally,

I firmly believe in the lucky number 22 and am obsessed with great branding.

If you ever want to talk about great branding, have a personal tour of El Salvador's volcanos, or grab some good coffee, don't hesitate to contact me. I would love to share my ideas with yours.

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